Future Soldiers – What Can You Do for Basic Education?

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The most frequently asked questions young people are asking today: "What can you do for basic education?" There are many things to pack into the boot camp, but you do not want to forget about these items, such as running shoes, mobile phones, stationery, bank cards, cash and civilian clothes. After all, you want the best possible experience with the least possible problem you have in the undergraduate course. Here are some of the few things you've allowed to boot camp.

Running Shoes Making your own running shoes easy. You can bring running shoes (tennis shoes), but the guards of the drills will pick up if they betray or not. Some sergeants buy the shoes they sell at the reception. This depends on where you went to work and some sergeants let the soldiers wear their own shoes and they did not have to buy them.

Mobile Phones You can bring your own cell phone, but the drill sergeant's decision, if you have any telephone privileges (cell phone or phone booth). You can hold your cell phone at reception, but once it's the basic one, you'll have to pass them to the drone sergeants. You will not return them until you start the white phase or any other Sunday.

Stationary supplies. You can export your own stationery, such as paper, envelopes and stamps, or buy basic postcards. Every day you can write letters freely and send them daily to a family or friend. Each letter needs to have 10 push ups that you should receive during an e-mail call.

Debit Card. It is strongly recommended that you link your bankcard to your account. Personal hygiene and withdrawal of money will be required to be paid later from the ATM at PX. Some things are not free of charge, and sometimes you need to look into the pockets of the fund, such as a hairdresser's prize, or if you want to buy a yearbook for classification

Address Book Include an address book listing your family members and family members. It's very important to have someone's mailing address to send mails and add them to life insurance, emergency contact, and beneficiary when the buyer's battalion is underway.

Cash. Get some extra dollars, but up to $ 50. You may never know what can happen while traveling in the boot camp. You may need to get a taxi or buy something.

Civilian suits. Bring your clothes on your back, because you arrive at the reception battalion on the first day, the army will give you lots of uniforms and equipment. You will wear PT or ACU uniforms. You should not wear your civilian clothes anymore and be dressed in the uniform of your day.

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