Alopecia Hair Loss – 7 facts need to know

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Many forms of alopecia hair loss (the term alopecia is simply a hair loss) but baldness is the most common. This can affect both men and women. Here are 7 facts you need to know about balding and other forms of alopecia hair loss:

1. The causes of baldness may be hereditary factors, different types of medications, including chemotherapy, high doses of vitamin A, and immune system disorders.

2nd The following causes of alopecia hair loss can often be reversed:

  • birth control pills and pregnancy
  • diabetes
  • lupus
  • low protein diet
  • thyroid complications
  • blood drain your anxiety or hair styles that require stringy hair
  • chemical and color treatments for hair and excessive shampoo

3. Anyone struggling with hair loss should take such simple precautions as the use of blast driers or the damp and particularly brittle comb of hair follicles. Chemotherapeutic agents can affect hair growth cells hair growth. In such cases, hair often dissolves after the end of treatment, although it may be different in texture and color.

5th If you are prone to alopecia hair loss, you will learn to cope with:

  • Higher education on status through personal research and obtaining information from doctors
  • Join support teams where you can discuss your condition and the consequences in your life. The internet offers forums and discussion groups that you want to join.
  • Changing your mental attitude by self-avoidance, avoiding excessive concerns and by minimizing the general visual impact of hair loss using camouflage, wigs, or cosmetic options.

6th Minimizing alopecia hair loss on the scalp and the face or to protect the head with sunscreens wearing wigs, hats, or scarves.

7th In the case of alopecia, hair follicles falsely occur in the event of hair loss due to the immune system, corticosteroid drugs may be given to suppress the immune system. Corticosteroid drugs may be administered by injection, orally or in the form of local creams or ointments.

Alopecia hair loss can cause confusion, no doubt. However, thorough training on the subject and proper diagnosis by a qualified doctor will do a lot to alleviate unnecessary anxiety.

Some organizations should be mindful of more about alopecia hair loss:

National Alopecia Areata Foundation:

American Hair Loss Advice:

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