The White Collar and Effects on Consumers and Globalization

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In today's world, technology is booming. It's growing fast and the average person's life is almost everywhere and will continue to grow until the whole world becomes necessary. With the great new inventions and the use of technology, it also commits a new type of crime. One is practically. Thieves can manipulate, calculate, and achieve whatever you need through technology. This has led to new vulnerabilities that companies, consumers and investors have never faced.

With a few clicks, a thief can do whatever he needs to access a person's bank accounts and personal information. It was too easy for people to go unnoticed and get rid of white collar crimes. As globalization of technology continues to grow, chances of cyber-attacks are also increasing. These threats can damage our country and carry our heads daily. This country is a prerequisite for globalization of technology, and it is important that today we use auditors for tomorrow's warfare and prepare and be ready to defend our country. Once globalization occurs, it is important to see the severity of white-collar crimes. It affects businesses, consumers and investors; so it is important for the forensic accountants to carry out their work and find fraudulent people.

White-collar crimes were often committed by high-ranking staff. According to "a condemned man is talking about a white collar," says Sam Antar, "Today's computer automation and the ability to transfer money in seconds, and the fact that banks and financial institutions handle gross dollar-worthy transactions one day" (Antar). It is important to have a recognized accountant to follow the guidelines of the General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). In Bill Barrett's article entitled "The White Collar's Ark", it was discussed that if there is no proper accountant, such a crime can easily be perceived; he says, "Sometimes the first sign of fraud is just the feeling that something is wrong, the numbers do not necessarily add up, or internal controls may be negligible." It is very useful to try to catch the criminals "(Barrett) By taking a good forensic accountant, companies can be reassured to catch what is the red banner of a white collar crime

White collar offenses can greatly affect consumers. Bill Barrett, in his article "Inside a White Knight's Offender," noted that something was wrong, he first saw that the profits of companies fell sharply and that the loss of companies diminished and in turn affected the consumer. criminals should be held accountable for their clients' security measures. Accountants are there to catch the criminal and follow the money that usually involves "Reconstruction and Analysis of Banking and Other Investment Records." (Kahaian and Schehr) " use trust in the debate on trust. "What is important in building up the case so that criminals can effectively prosecute what is likely to deter people from committing themselves to committing acts of this type. Furthermore, to stop these acts in a nation potentially limit the number of unethical acts; before they begin in the great era of globalization.

In his article "Accountants Gone Bad", Joe Chidley wrote the necessity of forensic accountants. He tells us companies are acting shady. To use international trade to cover their number, there are pages and pages on account information that just do not add up, spoil the documents that can be burdensome and retain it while retaining their prestige. One example is the Ponzi system, "Forensic Accounting in Confidential Debates", which means "[h] means that it is able to withdraw a withdrawal request from its customers whenever they request it." The credit crunch has triggered a large number of Madoffs clients and has resulted in many withdrawals from overly inflated economies "(Kahaian and Schehr), globalization skills enable criminals to easily take these steps. Without investigating forensics, the system would never have been discovered and the father and sons of the company could not be legitimately pursued.

The article entitled "Accountants Gone Bad" "With the boom of globalization, these works on nerdy The TV drama worthy notes:" Matt Damon I see him as an idealist accountant who is bad at Enron's books, but his attempt to get the ear of Kenny-Boy Lay (played by a lurking Mickey Rourke) is deaf, well, the audience is sneaked with the surviving sense of disagreement as he meets every tragedy . "(Chidley). The globalization of technology opens up a whole new world accountant, is no longer a counter but a detective, and it is important that it is good for a company to work on things that deceive and disadvantage the company

In sum, technological progress is inevitable , and the level of fraud continues to rise. "The best tool to fight against intellectual crime and to increase the integrity of financial information is a strong internal control for companies that are audited by suitably trained, trained, trained and experienced external independent auditors (Antar) Globalization of technology affects everyone and investors it is important for the development to create well-functioning accountants as a society that are prepared to bear the new challenges of white collar crime in a globalizing world.

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