QuickBooks and Payable Bills – How to Record Negative Balances in A / P?

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Occasionally, a negative balance is generated on payable accounts (A / P), and entrepreneurs supplying their own books do not understand how the problem happened or what to do. Here is the spoon:

The negative balance in A / P sometimes means that the bills were entered and checks were written with these accounts, but the original bills have somehow been canceled or canceled. Account Checks "freeze" in the system and create a negative balance in A / P.

If you notice a negative balance in A / P or if you have a supplier who has a negative balance on the Vendor list, go to the Reports menu and select Suppliers and Obligations. Then select the Unpaid Account Details report. Scan the report and look for negative amounts. If you see someone, double-click on them.

After double click, you have to open your account checkout. Look at the bottom half of the screen. It is possible that there is no invoice, no amount, nothing indicates that this check was placed on an account. If so, leave this window open and go to the Suppliers menu. Select Enter invoices. Please provide an invoice to the seller on the last screen. Be sure to consider the same amount during the check. You need to find the right due date – better still, try finding the original invoice so you can read the correct information. Once you have logged in, click Save & New to open the window if you have multiple accounts or click Close & Close to close the window when you are finished.

Return your account billing after entering your account. Look at the bottom half of the screen – the bill must be there. If so, put a check mark next to it and enter the appropriate amount (check amount) in the right-hand column. Click Save and Close. QuickBooks asks you to be sure you want to save the transaction – click Yes.

Go to Unpaid Account Details and click Refresh. The billing check, which caused the negative amount of the report, must now be canceled. Follow these steps for each negative amount in the report.

Important: You notice that you have not reimbursed your reimbursed bills – you did not use the Payment Bills feature. The original invoice check was in the system and we simply applied these checks to re-invoices. If you accidentally reimburse your reimbursed bills, this will not solve the negative balance in A / P.

If you detect negative amounts for which accounts are not counted, then this is a question of this article.

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