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Tally is a well-known product for accounting software. But when you are in ERP, you have few advantages and disadvantages you need to know. There were still a few problems before using Tally 9 effectively. User conflicts caused by multiple users of the system proved to be persistent

The biggest disadvantage of Tally ERP – starts with billing while business starts from sales. Even with Tally ERP there are many problems. I would like to provide the same flexibility in ERP as Tally's accounting software, as Tally's existing customers expect the same expectations.

TDS calculation has become simpler in Tally ERP so it can be easily done. All data is generated by the software system and updated by the bank account and is included in the report generation. This unique property is extremely good. The installation process of Tally ERP has been made easy with other ERPs available on the market. After installation, it allows you to access the audio information throughout the day. It also provides a gradual implementation that allows you to run many features at the same time from different locations. The EVAT calculations problem with a large collection of files is quick and easy to prepare, ignored. Paying water, electricity, telephone bills, and other bills from anywhere, as well as creating business reports or stock status makes it easier.

Additionally, this software enables remote capabilities that enhance strong collaboration. It has made it possible to find qualified personnel. Customizing your software is quick and easy. Thanks to great support, good brand, faster implementation and Tally Integrator, the software has reduced the cost of ownership and is better prepared for use in businesses. A highly recommended track for every business need. For those who keep the business data complete, with key reports, cash, claims, and bank-matching at the end of the month, from the human resource information to the performance reports, they are the easiest and most convenient way to go fast. Forecasting and predicting future business performance is also possible.

Tally ERP for small and medium sized organizations. But if your organization is based on process engineering, discrete production, or any other process that Tally does not support, you should consider it twice before you buy it. Continue the appropriate consultation before finalizing ERP organization.

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