How can I unblock a check from the locked period in QuickBooks?

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Sometimes audits from a closed accounting period are not paid.

Understanding the Void Check Function

When using the Void Check function, QuickBooks resets the check amount and zero is the bottom half of the screen. Usually this is some kind of cost. For example, office equipment, cost or other types of expenditure may be.

If we take a check out of a closed period, we change the closed period. Increase the amount of cash shown in your books and increase your profits (if your review budget was). Changing closed periods is not a good practice and should always be avoided unless your accountant directs otherwise.

Do not Forget – Put The Right Turn

Remember the old days when we kept paper-based checks? Do you remember what you did when you had to destroy a check? There was one option:

  • You can pass the blank check and re-establish the registered balance
  • You can change today's date to "remove" the effect of invalid check. This post looked like a deposit in your account and did not change the running balance.

Here is the latter in QuickBooks:

1. Good notes. Go to the check you want to cancel. Write down the beneficiary, amount, date, number and cost account. Highlight a note on the checkout box that explains why you had to check your check, for example, "Check the emails lost and half a year / week / year." MM / DD / YYYY to date or from the date you want to use.

2nd Payment. Go to Make Deposits screen. Make sure you have chosen the correct bank account number, the same as your check. Enter the correct date for the current time. In the Top Notes row, type the following note: "Canceling Ck # 1234 – Checking Lost Letters."

Enter the recipient in the Received field. In the Account box, enter the cost account used in the original transaction. In the Memo line, enter the same thing as the top reminder. Enter the check number in Check #. Enter the form of payment as a check. Enter the amount. Saving a Transaction

If you want to access a bank account, you will see it as a deposit and your bank balance will be higher than before the entry.

Matching the issue

The next time you want to match this bank account, you will see both entries – the original entry will be seen on the left side of the screen, the right reversing entry. Make sure all of them have to be reconciled.

Why can not you use the general diary?

Some people suggest using a general journal entry in this situation, but I think it's better to use the Make Deposits screen. This screen allows you to enter the check digit in your own field.

This is important. In the future, somebody may need this check. If this happens, both hits appear in search results, in the original and in the reversal. Using the general log does not result in the same result when searching for a verification number.

Ultimate Thought

These instructions relate to simple check entries that have been marked by the CHK in the checklist. Not necessarily valid if the check is an invoice check (BILLPMT is included in the register), payroll (PAYCHK in the register), or some type of tax payment check (LIABCHK or TAXPMT in the register). If any of these needs to be destroyed or destroyed, or a payroll that has not been prepared by QuickBooks, please contact your QuickBooks or accountant.

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