Cash Management – How to Make a Daily Cash Position Report – Part 1

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As I mentioned earlier, the cash flow report is a very important report that every entrepreneur or entrepreneur needs to be able to analyze to plan their next step in business. Almost all business gurus and academics emphasize the importance of making payment reports, but unfortunately none of them provide specific guidance to prepare. The cash flow statement referred to herein is a dynamic cash flow statement that shows us the cash position at any time and can act as an effective tool that allows us to earn as much money as we can by investing in the surplus fund for a very short-term investment such as money market placement. Cash flow statement that all bookkeeping books recommend a cash flow statement from the balance sheet and income statement and provide a thorough analysis of net cash flows from operating, investing, or financing activities.

First, if there is only one bank for that month the opening balance of our cash cash position is the closing stock of the previous month. This can be derived from the current assets within the balance sheet, which is the closing balance of the bank balance for the previous month. If for some reason an enterprise is unable to provide the size of a company, such as P & L and balance, because of the size of the company, it can obtain the closing balance from its cash outflow, as this is the basic information to be prepared if it has not yet been established system for your business

If you have only one bank for your business, it is recommended that you make the payment according to the payment categories in the cash flow statement. For example, if you have chosen to pay categories of taxes to pay taxes, utility bills, subcontractors, suppliers, coins, and others, you must complete all your accounts and accounts by the appropriate categories. After you start making your salary, write the checks according to their order number. For example, if your check starts from 000001 and you want 20 checks to pay suppliers, the serial number of the audited series must be from 000001 to 000020. Then, if you want to make 10 checks for subcontractors, the serial numbers can be from 000021 to 000030. You can use the same technique for further payment. Regardless of whether you are making a payment by hand or using a special print check, you have to follow the same technique.

The same concept applies when incoming audits are received from customers and customers. By following the same technique, if you have large clients that typically account for almost 80% of your earnings, it is recommended that you rank all the major customers on your income categories. Other revenue, which usually accounts for 20% of your income, can simply be defined among other categories.

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